How Homeowners Are Maximizing Their Earning Potential with San Jose ADUs

If you are a homeowner in San Jose or in the surrounding regions of Santa Clara County, then congratulations because, according to Zillow, you are fortunate enough to own a home in one of the most competitive housing markets in the country. While this means your property will likely continue to see a steady increase […]


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Working from home has always been a dream for thousands of people spanning a wide variety of professions and industries. In fact, if we go back to popular television in the 1980s, everyone from Mr. Seaver on Growing Pains to Cliff Huxtable in The Cosby Show had a home office located somewhere away from the […]

How Hiring an ADU Builder in San Jose Adds Value to a Multi-Family Home

It is not necessarily all that common to find multiple generations living under the same roof in America. However, there are many cultures that make up the rich tapestry of American lives that indeed house grandparents, parents, and cousins under the same roof. This is especially common with Spanish, Greek, and Portuguese Americans, for example. […]

How To Build an ADU that Will Demand the Highest Rental Income

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More people in Santa Clara County are stepping up and are hiring experts to build an ADU to generate rental income in their area, which is in high demand for housing. ADUs are popular property additions because they provide a plethora of benefits. When homeowners are not using their ADU to generate rental income, they […]

What’s The Process To Build An Accessory Dwelling Unit?

Not all building processes are the same. In fact, some are just better than others. Our process to build an accessory dwelling unit stands out from the traditional builders and contractors in many different ways. The first is that we provide end-to-end turnkey service, which means that we take care of every detail from beginning […]

What’s an ADU?

Granny flats, in-law apartments, casitas, guest houses, pool houses, backyard homes. Through time, these constructions have gone by various names. Presently, they are most frequently referred to in planning departments as”Accessory Dwelling Units” or ADUs.  We founded ADORE Homes on the premise of making ADUs a life enhancer for households.  Unlike many other products purchased […]

Building the perfect ADU Backyard Home

Are you looking for building an ADU back yard home in San Francisco? Do you know property owners like you would now be able to include a little, totally confined second home in their backyard? Backyard home offers several ADU models designed and built specifically to meet your requirements. Read the article below to know […]

Everything You Need To Know About ADU Homes

ADU Homes are a new and increasingly popular option for investors, especially as the cost of living is increasing every single day. But what even is an ADU? Accessory Dwelling Units are something that more and more people are considering as investment properties and as a way to accommodate their family as home values are […]

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